Box Head

by Uni V Sol

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We are surrounded in our daily lives with constant technology, so much so we forget to actually decompress and interact with actual humans. And to think, it basically got started with the television aka "The Box". You Boxhead!



We are connected all day everyday.
Hard wired to their machine.
Hard wired to the machine!
They say, “you can't beat us join us”.

How could you compete with such an illustrious machine?
The Super Computer!
An E-system for everyman, woman, and child
7 billion people means there is an opportunity

for 7 billion Box heads,
We won't stop! We don't stop!
Until we have fed all your minds the mass media mush.
Consume mass quantities

Notifications pushed on the daily or by the minute.
Are you up to date? Have you checked your updates?
What's your status…married, single, or otherwise?
Otherwise meaning what the fuck are you doing today?

Wasting more and more time on your tube
While your bloated fat ass gets bigger.
Get your virtual coupons, head over to the virtual shop,
Cop you a virtual personality cause you ain't got no personality
Outside of your box, you Box head

He says, “Nah, I also have a box in my pocket.”
She says, "Nah, I keep a box on my arm too, when I run.”
Ya damn fools! This is communal.
You have sucked it up by the spoonful,

Eat my gigabits. Download my shit.
Watch this, read that, filter all your streams,
Who the hell needs that?
We are connected more than ever today

And yet humanity seems so fucking far way.
You fucking Box Head!
Let me flip your switch. Reality shows ain’t shit.
The world is your stage and that’s an act, Jack.

See, you on the sidelines watching
instead of playing your part,
Sidelines, huh?
Sounds like new wiring they’re going to use

to zap the energy out your behind.
I need your undivided attention,
Did I fail to mention? I am here to deliver a message.
Why else would we be so goddamn connected?

Attack of the clones, where's my droid phone?
My i5, i6, i7, i8, a few more gigabits this morning
And I shitted out a digital copy to keep safe, in my cloud.
Vapoorized! But where does it go now?

Easy tracking, gets easy backing
and this system needs hacking!
But not without some hefty taxes being imposed,
Like we're just going to build this railroad through your home,

And you going to sit there and drone,
You Box head.
Information overload, information systems,
Information integrated, information for the sake of information.

Do I have enough time to read all this shit?
What about my video blips?
I have the same 365 clips, bookmarked for a year.
And I am still catching up on episode 44 of season 9.

My DVR has me on rewind, stop - starting,
Something missing here,
where the fuck is my milk carton ,
so I can identify, what already has to be identified,

We are in the information age,
The phase of technology, where
if your box ain't screwed on straight,
you may need a chip in your arm.

Basically the network needs you on,
on all parts of the day, to monitor your actions.
Make sure you download that app fam.
This is no longer rap fam.

Oh yeah! We speaking in code,
Binary, 1s and 0s, transmission complete
“Boxed” it's everywhere you go,
there's no need to take a seat.

Why the fuck are you sitting down anyway.
We need to upgrade you,
you processing the data to slow.
Don't resist us, we'll just add more resistors,

This is an issue of control.
You Boxhead. You fucking Boxhead.
Turn off your box!



Recorded at R & J Recording Studio



all rights reserved


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Uni V Sol New Jersey

American Hip Hop Recording Artist | Uni V Sol, composes Hip Hop music, writes lyrics, and produces songs for himself and others.

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